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Let 'Em Swing!

After their successful forays into the latter decades of rock history, the Firebrigade has (at last) arrived in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.
Clad in the finest and most stylish of suits the band turns back the clock to 1959 – recapturing the feeling of Frank “Ol’ Blue Eyes” Sinatra, Louis Prima and Bobby Darin – as though the intervening years had never been…

If you need proof that wild parties were held even during years of prohibition, you need look no further than the new CD “A Swinging Affair”. The seven songs (plus bonus track) are the hottest since the invention of shellac!

But the real quality of The Firebrigade only reveals itself where the sheep are separated from the goats, namely, on stage. Smoothly and without apparent effort, the band charms every audience.
But under the surface they are starting to bubble and fizz! Like a greyhound on a leash, The Firebrigade drags the crowd along behind it with an irresistible urge to dance. The piano and double bass pump their way through a program full of smash hits (Jumping Jive, Mack the Knife, Fly Me to the Moon and many more). Driven by the swinging rhythms of the drums, the brass instruments slice through the heavy air with their sharp and penetrating melodies. And on top of all this is the shimmering voice of Marcus Int-Veld – the brain, the heart, and the belly of the band.

In this way the Firebrigade grooves through the night, until one thing at least is clear: that disco, hip-hop, trance and techno were all just footnotes in musical history – SWING IS KING!

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Marcus Int-Veld

Marcus Int-Veld

Vocals & Chairman of the Board

Founding member of the Firebrigade. On the road since 1980. Loves his tuxedo, Spectator shoes and the new sound of his band.

Favourite quote: "When a vice has spread far enough, it turns into a virtue." (Frank Sinatra)

Dirk Jantzen

Dirk "Jeans" Jantzen

Guitar &Vocals

Thought until 1995 that Blues was the only true music. But Firebrigade forced him to recognize rock ‘n’ roll and now, finally, swing.
Dirk admits: “The first time I saw the sheet music for Mack the Knife, I thought it was a page from a book of chemical formulae.”

Secret love: Foreigner

Marcus Int-Veld

Axel Heim


Is responsible for the band’s arrangements (all written himself) and is also the musical lead. Further projects: Galapagos Big Band, SRH Big Band.

In addition he is an intermittent member of the Session Band, which plays every Sunday evening in Cave 54 in Heidelberg.

Markus Seeger

Markus "Mr. Breathless" Seeger


Plays everything from jazz to classical. A highly rated teacher at several music schools and guest instructor at numerous workshops on the trumpet and beyond.

Marc König

Marc König


Lead Trompete Firebrigade since 2010. Other projects: The Windwalkers, Nationaltheater Mannheim, Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester, Jazzstudium Musikhochschule Mannheim, etc. etc.

Since 2012 Marc can be held responsible for the band's arrangements.

Chris Dobirr

Chris Dobirr

Drums & Vocals

A graduate of the renowned School of Music at the Northern Illinois University, Chicago. He has roamed through many musical genres from punk to jazz. Member of the Firebrigade since 1993. Incredible but true: Chris completed the Hawaii Ironman triathlon and is also the triathlon champion of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. Also takes part in cycle races.

Further project: Galapagos Big Band

Uli Holz

Uli Holz

Double Bass

Der in Heidelberg lebende Bassist Uli Holz ist ausser seiner Tätigkeit bei the Firebrigade als Mitinitiator des Deutschen Jazzpreises sowie als Sideman in vielen regionalen und überregionalen Jazzprojekten bekannt.

Caroline Simpson

Gast: Caroline Simpson


Caroline was born in London but left England some years ago to live abroad. After two years in Spain, she moved to Germany, which is her present home. She started her career in musical productions, playing in shows such as „Cabaret“, „Jesus Christ Superstar“ und „Human Pacific“.

Since 2011 Caroline can be booked as a guest singer with the Firebrigade.



Fabian Schöne

Altsaxofon, Querflöte & Klarinette


Martin Freund -

Tenorsaxofon & Klarinette


Sebastian Nagler